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About Above Adequate:

Above Adequate was founded by Paula Taylor in 2014. Above Adequate builds, empowers, and encourages individuals and leaders to connect to their true purpose, potential and passion. As a team, we want to see people live and lead out of their true authentic purpose.

We assist by offering one on one coaching, speaking, workshops and training, as well as group processes. We also train and certify professional life coaches. We collaborate with schools, community groups, organizations, ministries, families and individuals to serve in various capacities to help empower people to be determined to live their life beyond mediocrity so that their true gifts can impact the world. We help people to discover their purpose and that automatically causes one to live Above Adequate.

About Coach PaulaT:

Paula has over 20 years of experience in the area of equipping leaders, mentoring teams and coaching individuals. She specializes in life coaching leaders to be more confident, empowered and transformed to their full potential in all areas of life and leadership. Paula provides services for individuals, organizations, and ministries. She is committed to assisting clients in creating their desired success as they journey life personally and professionally.

For the past eight years as a Life Coach, Paula has helped countless numbers of individuals become unstuck to discover, reach and embrace their goals with confidence and a plan to live out who they desire to be and how they want to lead.  One of Paula’s major loves is to teach and be among groups to dialogue to become self aware and others aware.  Awareness is key to us knowing us, how God created us and what we want to become.  Paula also trains organizational groups on tools to create a more healthy work/ministry/business environment from the leadership to staff and volunteers.   

As a Certified Life Coach and Trainer, Paula provides workshops, ministry and company-wide trainings, small group and individual coaching.  In addition, Paula is educated and trained in the areas of behavioral health, conflict resolution and mediation. Paula attended UC Berkeley and majored in Peace Studies. She has trained and been a speaker nationally and internationally.  

Paula currently leads and supports in the community as: Founder and Executive Director of Above Adequate LLC; Associate with Life Impact LLC; Board of Directors and Pastoral Care for Elevate International; Trainer and Lead Group Facilitator for SoulSister Global; Life Coach with local school districts; and number one cheerleader for her nieces and nephews.


About Begin Again Connection

Begin Again Connection, LLC was founded by Lani Valentine in 2017. Begin Again Connection builds, empowers, and encourages individuals to live out their life with purpose, passion, and perspective.  As a team, we want to see individuals connect, grow, and not be afraid to begin again in order to live the life they desire.


We offer one on one coaching, workshops for couples, women, men and youth age, as well as speaking engagements for small group learning environments.  In addition, we collaborate with schools, communities, and families in various areas to empower them in moving forward to where they desire to be. As we lead you in discovering your purpose and  dreams, your life can impact those around you that automatically causes you to Begin Again.

About Coach Lani

Lani Valentine’s heart beats for holistic health of individuals, couples, and families.  She believes when individuals are able to connect in these areas, they have the ability to be healed so they can grow and function in the way God designed them too. 

Lani is an advocate for individuals and relationships and has committed her life to bringing restoration in families, her community, state and country. By coaching individuals and assisting them with their personal growth and inner-transformation, they become healed and whole.  Individuals who are healed and whole ultimately become the thermometer for change within and in their family and community.


Lani is married to her best friend of 15 years. She married into a blended family where she gained 2 handsome sons, 2 beautiful daughters,  and an affectionate and loving grandson.  In her journey into a blended family, she has learned that each family unit is unique and no two should be compared. She believes everyday is a day to work on building better relationships within the family as well as those around you.


As a certified Transformational Life Coach, Speaker and Counselor, Lani has mentored youth, young adults, couples and women for over twenty years.  She speaks publicly about relationships, setting goals and living the life one desires.  Realizing the community is an extension of the family, Lani strives to develop community partnerships with the end goal to serve youth and their families. Lani attended Capella University where she received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy and completed her Life Coach Certification through Life Impact, L

It's Never Too Late to Begin Again...

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