What is the e3 Project?

The SoulSister e3 Project is geared toward our Matthew 7:12 Mission.  This is an action project of Sisters Supporting Sisters  by following the e3's;  Encourage, Embrace, and Emerge. SoulSister takes the tax-deductable donations given and uses it to Encourage our sisters to keep going, Embrace them by sowing into their ministry or business, buying their product, and helping them to Emerge by pushing out their product to other SoulSisters. 

Whats the WHY behind the e3 Project?

We want to be a support, be a light, bring exposure and push forward a SoulSister who is working hard and being obedient to her call. Our heart is not to make anyone famous, but solely to be a blessing.  

How are the SoulSisters Chosen for the e3 Project?

A submission will be required. Only SoulSisters who have attended a SoulSister Gatherings monthly will be eligible to apply. If we have a lot of submissions then a lottery will be drawn. Those SoulSisters who are selected for submission will have their ministry or business reviewed for approval. If approved, the SoulSister will purchase one of their products in bulk to be distributed at a SoulSister  Citywide Gathering or SoulSister National Gathering. This can be a HUGE push!!! Stay tuned to when submissions are open.